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3 Ways Our Skin Changes As We Get Older

Your skin is mind blowing.

It’s the largest organ you’ll ever own! It is a full body shield against the elements and helps keeps your body healthy!

As time passes accumulated exposure to the sun and wind begin to change the skin you live in. Also our hormones change which alters the skins elasticity and texture.

Here are the three main ways your skin changes with age and how to give it the extra TLC it deserves.

No matter how these changes affect you personally, taking good care of your skin is so important and will help you to reveal your natural beauty.

1. Your skin produces less oil

There are a few things that mess with our production of oil (sebum) as we get older. But the two biggies are hormone changes and sun exposure.

After the menopause, our skin produces less oil. This can make it harder to keep the skin moist, resulting in dryness and itchiness.

What can you do to counteract for this? Use your favourite moisturiser and apply SPF 50 all year round. Be mindful of sun and wind exposure and after exposure to the elements reapply the moisturiser- you can never use too much!

2. Skin thins & becomes Less elastic

Even ladies who have reached the age of 20 start to loose skin elasticity and skin starts to appear thinner. So you are not alone!

A protein called collagen (naturally occurring in our bodies) starts to decrease in production as we journey through life and this results in thinner and more delicate skin that takes longer to repair from damage (hello lingering spots and dry skin patches!)

Look after your skin by applying a good moisturiser and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun.

Re applying moisturiser throughout the day is easy with Violet Jordan The Glow- a handy moisturiser handbag sized to combat dry patches and gives a healthy, illuminating glow. 

women with spf 50 sunscreen on her back

Thoroughly remove make up every evening and treat your delicate eye area kindly with a good quality moisturising eye cream.

3. Less cell turnover

Did you know we shed 4kg of dead skin every year!

As we age, our circulation becomes slower. The cells in our skin do not regenerate as quickly resulting in skin looking duller and not as smooth as it once was.

One way you can help boost your cell turnover is to try to get lots of sleep.

This can be tricky at 50 and beyond because our sleep patterns can change, so make sure you have a relaxing night time routine and make time to a relaxing bath or just some time for yourself before hopping into bed.

In addition, use a great cleaner with an exfoliating face cloth to exposure your best skin. We recommend Violet Jordan The Deep Clean for the freshest hot cloth cleanse. 

Using a hot cloth cleanser help you in your quest for gorgeous skin by stimulating the circulation in your facial area.

Finally. Remember that your wonderful skin is mostly made up of water. Without water, your skin can’t function! Without water skin becomes dry, tight, flaky and lacklustre.

Get going on your recommended 6- 8 glasses a day- your skin with reward you for it!