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5 Tips to Highlight Not Hide Your Beauty in Your 50's and Beyond

Anyone else fed up with the world of anti aging?

Anti- ageing has been imposed on us since our late 30’s. We are constantly told we should attempt to hide how old we are and that younger is better.

We’re bored of it!

Think about this- it’s crazy! We want to live long and exciting lives and then look like we are still in our 20’s…not possible.

We would have thought that this would have changed in the modern world but it seems to be getting worse.

All these crazy claims about turning back the clock and erasing wrinkles. The ridiculousness of this is mind boggling.

Violet Jordan are all about highlighting not hiding your natural beauty. We don’t believe in magical age defying potions- we want to help you reveal your best look rather than hide who you truly are.

Wondering what you natural and beautiful self would look like? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Start with a Deep Clean.

Make up, oil and dirt can all contribute to making our faces looking less than our best. Add this to a daily dose of exposure to pollution and the skin ends up looking dull and drab as these things can slow down your skin’s cellular turnover.

Your skin deserves to be clean and free from nasties! Grab a great quality cleanser like the Violet Jordan The Deep Clean. This will remove anything pesky on your skin making it look lacklustre.

Combine this with an exfoliating muslin cloth to get rid of anything hiding in your pores to reveal your best, freshest and most beautiful skin.

  1. Moisture matters!

As we age our skin naturally produces less moisture, so we need to lend it a helping hand. We suggest using our best-selling multi purpose cream to help hydrate and plump the skin like Violet Jordan The Multitasker.

The Multitasker can replace your eye cream, serum, day cream and night cream. Smooth it over your face, lips, neck eyes, even your hands or anywhere else you could do with a boost of moisture. The best part- its not greasy! Gone are the days a moisturiser needs to feel like an oil slick.

This contains natural ingredients such as aloe-vera, coconut oil and oatmeal to illuminate and hydrate your skin to reveal your natural beauty.

As we are all about keeping things simple, apply The Mutlitasker again at night. Use it liberally as it has a full night shift to get to work with deep hydration. 

  1. Protect and shield.

It is essential to apply a SPF specifically designed for face after moisturising and before makeup. 

Apply at least 20 minutes before heading out to give it time to absorb into the skin so it really works as a protective layer.

Why use a separate SPF and moisturiser? Day creams that contain SPF are not a suitable alternative to wearing a Sun cream on your face. The cosmetic companies would like you to think they are- but no! Make sure you choose a good 5* rated SPF cream. 

  1. Treat your eyes.

Your eyes are one your most defining features. Often forgotten in beauty routines and the thin and delicate skin is crying out for a helping hand.

Make sure you remove your make up daily with a good moisturising cleanser and follow this up with a great cream suitable for eyes. Apply The Multitasker to your eye contour area using your ring finger, its been formulated to be sensitive enough for eyes too- no more expensive eye creams needed! Don’t be heavy handed- gentle is the secret to beautiful eyes.

Packed with natural moisturisers and antioxidants, this will reveal your natural looking, glowing bright eyes.

  1. Let your skin breathe.

Many of us very heavy foundations and concealers in an attempt to cover up our faces and look younger. Try giving your skin a break for 7 days, set your pores free and see how beautiful your skin looks underneath all of those layers of make up.

Revel in how beautiful your natural skin can be! 

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