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6 Tips for Looking Show Stopping in Photos

Stepping in front of the camera should be a pleasure not a chore! 

Here are a few little tips to help you feel and look your best, whether you are 50, 60 or 70 years young, taking a picture to be proud of is really easy.

1. Prepare your face 

    New skin cells are the best at reflecting light. If your face is covered in dead skin cells your complexion will appear dull and you won't look your best. 

    Counteract this by making sure you remove your makeup thoroughly at night with a good quality cleanser. 

    Be careful that you choose the right cleaner for the job, like our Violet Jordan The Deep Clean, specifically formulated for mature skin.

    You don’t want to irritate your skin, this can cause redness, not a good look for your photo. 

    2. Get in the right light

    Never use the flash. It's harsh and unflattering. 

    For daytime pics, face a bright light source like your patio doors or a big window. Avoid artificial lights directly above or behind you, this will cast shadows  and make your face look dull and lifeless. 

    When its bright outside have your back to the sun so you aren’t squinting at the camera. Turn your body at a slight angle from the sun to allow it to illuminate your skin.

    For darker days or evenings place a warm light in front of you. A candle works really well for this and will give your skin a soft glow. 

    3. Know your angles!

    Any seasoned selfie lover will know that the camera angle is everything! Make sure you sit or stand up straight and elevate your chin.

    Look at the camera lens rather thank looking at yourself on the smartphone screen.  This is tricky because we love to look at ourselves, but you will be rewarded with a great photo!

    4. Practice makes perfect!

    The professionals take hundreds of photos in any one shoot- so can you! Its so easy now in the digital age. Snap away as much as you like the ones you dislike can be easily deleted.

    Try out your phones built in filters. You can change the contrast, background and saturation of your shots. Play around and have some fun.

    5. Get creative with composition

    A photo of yourself in a messy or dirty room is never going to look good. It will distract people from what is fabulous about the photo – you!

    If you have a gorgeous garden or kitchen, show it off as the backdrop for your photo. Usually a minimally decorated area works best.

    6. Feel good on the inside

    Confidence is key for photo taking. Relax and be yourself. Try not to pose too much. A fake smile is never a good look.

    Think about something that makes you truly happy and you will smile. If the smile is genuine you will look your best.

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