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3 Tips for Self Care During Challenging Times

Regardless of how joyful and fulfilled our lives feel we all go through difficult phases.

Throughout life we are constantly challenged and exposed to lots of different things that can leave us feeling stressed.

2020 is a prime example of this…lockdown! A national pandemic has hit us, and now feels even more stressful than it was in March as it seems it’s here to stay.

We are estranged from loved ones, fearful of going to the supermarket, concerned for our health, unable to travel.

To be truthful the entire world as we once knew it feels threatened.

The stress and anxiety of this can cause overwhelm. Then throw in the other ‘normal’ challenges of life- moving to a new house, divorce, death, friendship issues. It can be a major struggle to know how to handle these things especially when it feels like its all happening at once.

What can we do to maintain positive? We shift our thoughts to positive ones. We make sure we are grateful for what’s good in our lives, we create positive experiences with our loved ones when possible, and its more important than ever before to take brilliant care of ourselves.

Here we outline some tips for how to look after yourself and keep positive when faced with challenging times (which is usually a hard time to do it!)

  1. Set aside time for yourself.

If you are feeling stressed its often difficult to maintain your usual routine of looking after yourself. You can start to feel tired or lethargic especially if you are stuck in the house for long periods of time and unable to meet up with family and friends.

Remember that you need to make time to care for yourself.

You may ordinarily spend 40 minutes swimming 3 times a week. Now the swimming pool is shut, or you don’t feel it’s safe to go anymore. This doesn’t mean you need to turn your back on exercise. Set a plan to go on a 20 minute walk each morning, or at a time to suit you.

From childhood we have always been told ‘fresh air does you the world of good!’ and whoever told us that was totally right! If you are unable to get out for a walk, throw the windows and doors open or get out in the garden.

If you are more of a quiet time type rather than an exercise junkie, schedule some alone time by drinking your morning coffee in the garden, you will get that much needed fresh air.

Food is always a great way to foster a positive mood! Plan a nice meal either at home or out, look forward to what you might cook or choose from the menu. Thinking about an end of the day treat can boost your mood for an entire day.

  1. Keep in touch with friends.

Lots of people who are in the middle of a difficult time like to keep themselves to themselves, get on with it and suffer in silence (hoping for the storm to pass).

This often results in feelings of isolation and stress getting worse. Pick up the phone! It’s mood boosting and energising to speak to those we are close to, especially your girly best friend who really understands your humour. Reach out to the people you find it easy to connect with for a giggle to lighten your mood.

Its so easy to keep in touch these days, if you don’t feel like talking keep in touch by Facebook or WhatsApp. Sharing a great photograph with others is an easy feel good activity and a great way to touch base with family members.

Arrange a socially distant walk with family and friends. Socialising plays a key role in helping us overcome life’s challenges. And you get some all-important exercise and fresh air. And a smile is guaranteed to make you feel better.

  1. Keep up your skincare and make up routine.

This may sound silly!

How can my moisturiser help me through the stress of a pandemic?!

Usually the skin and face routine is the first thing to go when people are going through troubled times.

Allowing yourself 5 minutes for personal care can be a great way to reconnect with reality, even when the world outside feels like it’s gone totally bonkers!

Instead of rushing your moisturiser like you usually would, take time to rub it in and appreciate how it feels on your skin. Think some positive thoughts about yourself. It could be something simple like – my hair looks shiny today, or my skin feels really good.

A small act such as this can lift your mood and prepare you for a day of positivity. Make a bit of effort with your make up too. Spending 2 minutes on applying mascara and lipstick can make you feel ready to take on the world!

Tell us- what have you done to help yourself through the challenges you have faced recently? We would love to hear your stories.