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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Make-up for Mature Skin

Violet Jordan Do's & Don't For Mature Skin

Make-up in general does not suit all complexions. Even though we wish that there was only one way to use make-up and it would look good on everyone, that is not possible. Mature skin has characteristics and needs that other skin does not. Knowing when to adjust your products and techniques for mature skin can mean the difference between a gorgeous look and one that makes you look older.

Here are our recommended Do’s & Don’ts with make-up for mature skin:

 1. Hydration

Do ensure that you have properly moisturised your skin to prevent dry patches or make-up flaking off. Violet Jordan has The Multitasker, which would be the perfect light cream that could be doubled up with the Glow & Go Dew as a spot treatment to lightly build up extra hydration in areas that need a little more attention.

Don’t apply make-up before moisturising your face, because the applied make-up will settle into skin creases if your skin is not properly moisturised.


Glow & Go stick Dew


2. Blush

Do choose a cream blush, like the Go & Glow Berry, which is easy to blend with a brush or one's fingers. Apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending very lightly back and up, to give the face a fullness and warm glow.

Don’t use powdered blushes that might cake into fine lines and make your skin look creased.

Glow & Go stick berry


 3. Mascara

Do pay attention to your eyelashes. These features tend to thin out and lighten with age, giving the eyes a naked, shrunken appearance. Black mascara is the best way to give our lashes body, such as our Volumizer Mascara.

Don’t use mascara too thickly, as this may cause your eyes to look harsh or out of place against a soft, natural look. 

 Violet Jordan mascara


4. Lips

Do use tinted, moisturising lipsticks. These provide a bit of colour and keep the lips looking smooth and full, and helps to fight the lips' tendency to thin out with age.. Stick to neutral shades like the Glow & Go Berry that emphasise the colour of the lips and can give the lips a fuller appearance as well.

Don’t use lipsticks that have a matte finish. These look dried out and the colour settles into lines on the lips, making them appear thin and wrinkled.


5. Highlight 

Do use a cream based highlighter to smoothly run over the features required such as the tip of your nose, eyebrows, corner of one's eyes, cupid's bow, and anywhere else that you desire to attract the light to. The Go & Glow Pearl is the perfect example of a multi purpose highlight and eyeshadow that could be layered for a pigmented look or lightly glossed over for an enhanced shimmer.

Don’t use a powder highlight because the harsh line would appear stark against a natural make-up look. Powder products in general settle into the lines of the skin, making the wrinkles appear more pronounced.

Glow & Go stick pearl

As we draw the curtain on our exploration of the do’s and don'ts of make-up for mature skin, it's essential to remember that beauty knows no age limit. Embracing the changes in our skin and adapting our make-up techniques accordingly can enhance our natural radiance and confidence at any stage of life.

By focusing on hydrating, nourishing products, opting for lighter textures, and mastering the art of subtlety, we can achieve a flawless make-up look that celebrates the beauty of mature skin without masking its uniqueness.

Remember, make-up is a tool for self-expression and enhancement, not a mask to hide behind. So, embrace your individuality, experiment with different techniques, and most importantly, wear your confidence as your best accessory.

Here's to celebrating the beauty of every age and stage of life, one make-up brush stroke at a time!