All the skincare you will ever need for a glowing, nourished look.

A deeply nourishing cream cleanser to revive tired skin.

Day cream, night cream, eye one.

All 3 sticks.The only makeup you'll ever need.

Natural moisturiser with pearl for moist dewy skin. 

Adds a subtle sheen to make your skin glow. 

Buildable blush for lips, cheeks & eyes to bring out your natural colour. 

Glow & Go Set

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“I have thrown out my entire make up bag! These are all I need." Pippa

Replace your blusher, lipstick, eye colour, highlighter and more. The Glow & Go is the ultimate multitasking makeup set. Natural makeup that lets your skin tone shine through, for colour unique to you.


Cream makeup formulated for over 50's.

No more worries about choosing the wrong shade.

Quick application. Apply your makeup in minutes. 

Fragrance free, so no chance of irritation.

Packed high with natural and organic content, lovingly made in the UK.

Each stick lasts 6-9 months
(avg. frequency of application). 

Meet Ashley

Listen to how she has embraced a simpler routine which enhances her natural complexion.

Hello, I am Ashley, I live in Dorset with my Family and at 58 years old I'm loving midlife. I prefer my makeup routine to be quick and easy with as few products as possible. Violet Jordan provides all the products I need. Life is too short to spend hours on your makeup!"

  • What's in The Glow & Go set?

    Discover more about how each stick can help your skin.


    Your skin will soak up natural goodness from this super-hydrating illuminator. Ladies are amazed at how the subtle pearlescent effect gives life to their features helping you achieve a radiant natural look. 

    Dew will become your new illuminator, moisturiser, lip balm and makeup base.
    Daily use of The Glow & Go Dew will:

    • Hydrate your skin surface, sub-surface and persistent dry spots
    • Shuttle nutrients into your skin
    • Soften your skin, making it the perfect primer for makeup
    • Be perfect for all skin types and tones

    The Glow & Go Dew (7g) is a super versatile product, perfect for moisturising and illuminating your skin up on the go. 



    The most versatile highlighter for your eyes, cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, or anywhere you want to add a glowy touch. 
    Pearl will be your go to highlighter when you want to achieve a subtle, flattering emphasis on your bone structure.

    Daily use of The Glow & Go Pearl will:

    • Bring attention to your favourite features
    • Remove dullness from those problem areas (eyelids, cheeks)
    • Be perfect for all skin types and tones

    The Glow & Go Pearl (7g) is the easy to wear cream makeup that works wonders to showcase your natural beauty. 


    A multitasking lip, cheek and eye colour in one. Berry will provide the perfect amount of colour to suit your skin tone. Apply a little for a subtle look or build it up for a more intense colour. This formula is packed with natural goodness including jojoba and vanilla oil. 
    Daily use of The Glow & Go Berry will:

    • Give you natural looking colour
    • Give your skin a healthy looking colour
    • Be perfect for all skin types and tones

    The Glow & Go Berry (7g) is quick and easy to apply. Your skin will radiate a healthy glow.

Get The Makeup Made For Midlife

Glow & Go Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Glow & Go sticks?

Makeup designed to streamline your makeup bag and give you many different cosmetics all in 3 easy to use sticks. 

Our formulation chemist, Paula (53), has designed them using her 30 years experience in the UK cosmetics industry. 

Berry: Lipstick, blusher, bronzer and even eye colour all in one. 

Dew: Illuminator, moisturiser and lip balm all in one. 

Pearl: Eye colour, highlighter, contourer. 

These are designed to reveal your natural beauty rather than cover up perceived imperfections. 

How do I apply these?

There is no right or wrong way to apply the sticks. There is no ‘best’ way. 

Here are some pointers to get you started. 

Dew: use dew under your eyes and under your brow bone. Applying some across your cheeks will give a nice moisturising base . 

Berry: using your fingertips or a makeup brush apply Berry to the apples of your cheeks and blend in. Apply the colour to your lips using your fingertips.

(HINT: using fingertips will give you a more subtle look. Using the applicator will give you a deeper colour). 

Pearl: add pearl to your eyelids, layering it up for a deeper colour if required. Apply to your cheekbones, down your nose, on the bow of your lips, or anywhere you wish to ‘highlight’.

What colour shall I choose?

These makeup sticks are designed to suit all skin tones. 

So, no more worries about choosing the wrong shade. 

Berry: A soft shade of red, this colour is sheer and buildable so it lets your own skin tone show through. Apply sparingly with your fingertips if you want a lighter result, or layer up heavily using the stick applicator for a brighter, bolder result. 

Pearl: A shimmery taupe. A sort of neutral pink. Adds just the right amount of sparkle without being glittery.

Dew: A barely there colour, with a hint of pearlescence to illuminate your natural features and add moisture where you need it most (eyes, brow bone, cheeks).

Will they give me coverage?
The Glow & Go Sticks are designed to give you a natural look rather than covering up perceived imperfections.

If you wish to, you can use the sticks on top of your usual foundation or concealer. Dew is not designed to provide coverage.
Are these tested on animals?
Our products are absolutely never tested on animals, and we use quality, ethically sourced ingredients.
Are they natural?
Our products contain a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients. We use the scientifically formulated ingredients which are best for the job not those which are cheapest to source.
Do they contain fragrance?
These are natural items and we didn’t want to cram them full of cheap synthetic ingredients.

The only natural fragrances available are essential oils, which are skin sensitisers. We have instead used Vanilla Oil which is a skin soothing antioxidant.

It does not have a strong masking fragrance like cheaper synthetic cosmetics. The smell of the Glow & Go Sticks is a very subtle scent of vanilla.
Where are they made?
Our makeup is made right here in the UK so we can keep tight control over exactly what goes into our products. The majority of makeup sold in the UK comes from Italy or China. Brands do this to save costs. We never will.


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Pia V
Easy peasy lovely

I don't usually wear make up, but wanted to try these and they are just lovely! I still look natural, but have a healthy, fresh glow. Can't name a favourite, I use them all daily!

Lorna Graham
Trying something new

At 55, I have been looking to simplify my make-up routine for a little while, and wanted something to give me a more natural look with less faffing, but had previously only seen an American product comprising of three make-up ‘sticks’ that was very expensive.
The Violet Jordan set is very good value for money by comparison, and as far as i can tell, is virtually identical.
It gives me the effect i was hoping for !
For my skin, the Dew stick is a little heavy and greasy, so I use it very sparingly and really only to blend some concealer in under my eyes as it helps with application. I don’t find I need it for moisturising beyond that, and am already happy with my long standing favourite face cream anyway …
The highlighter stick is very effective and you only need a very small amount - I use it lightly from my temples to my upper cheeks around the outside of my eye socket bones, a little on my nose and chin, and also on my eyelids.
The colour stick does have a really nice tone - it blends very well and the colour can be built if you need to by just adding a little at a time rather than in one heavy application. I also use the colour stick on my eyes sometimes too to add a little contrast.
My only slight niggle with these sticks is that they have a tendancy to be rather soft - maybe I will try keeping them in the fridge ….
Over all though I really like them, and I am pretty sure I will carry in using them in the future.

Glow & Go set

Awww brilliant..just what I have been looking for…brightens my whole face up..I will be ordering the cleanser and cream shortly…looking forward to it…

Leta Parsons


Love it

Applies easily. Beautiful colours. Definitely my go to makeup now