All the skincare you will ever need for a glowing, nourished look.

A deeply nourishing cream cleanser to revive tired skin.

Day cream, night cream, eye one.

All 3 sticks.The only makeup you'll ever need.

Natural moisturiser with pearl for moist dewy skin. 

Adds a subtle sheen to make your skin glow. 

Buildable blush for lips, cheeks & eyes to bring out your natural colour. 

Violet Jordan Makeup Reviews

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Glow & Go Set
Jacqueline Cater
Glow and go set

Omg love love these products. I have been unhappy with my makeup lol for a while so decided to purchase - it takes me 5 minutes to do my face and the amount of people who I know have commented how well I look. I've even stopped wearing foundation but used really good moisturiser. Thank you again for these wonderful products.

Glow & Go Set
Teresa Gould
Glow & Go

Love it light and gentle on the skins and looks totally so happy with it ..

Glow & Go Set
Carol Morgan

The Glow and Go set is a remarkably great natural makeup for those of us with older and delicate skin. It is so easy to apply, light on the skin and leaves you feeling confident.

Glow & Go Set
Karen Sadler
Glow & Glow set

I love the set, the products are lovely and soft and creamy, particularly like the Berry. I think it is taking me a while to get used to using the Pearl on my eyes as used to something a little darker. I have started to use highlighter which I really love. Will definitely use again and recommend. Thank you 😊

Glow & Go Set
Julie Cooke
Glow & Go Set

I have just started using your Glow&Go set it seems really nice and very easy when applying I like what I’ve used up to yet lovely products.
I will definitely be buying more.
Excellent website and service too.
Thank you 💕

Glow & Go Set
Carolyn Buxton
Thank you Violet Jordan

I saw the videos on Facebook showing the use of Glow and Go sticks several times and was tempted.I am 69 and don't usually wear make up except to go out in the evening. I liked the fact that this looked easy to apply and natural. I finally succumbed and have been wearing it every day since it arrived. It is my face but more radiant. I shared the secret with a friend who said "that is certainly worth purchasing". Thank you Violet Jordan.

Glow & Go Set
Angie Cox
Christmas Present

I bought this as an Xmas present from my partner so he is keeping it for Christmas for me. 🤞I hope I like it 🤔

Glow & Go Set
Julie Kinloch
Glo trio set

So easy, great on the go and a great way to brighten up dark patches without the need for a full face of makeup. I love them.

Great products

I was sceptical about purchasing the Go & Glo Set but on reading so many positive reviews I thought I'd give it a go. I love them. Not being great with make up I watched the videos and noticed how the ladies use the products to suit themselves. So, I am practicing and loving the results. It really does what it says.
Give it a go.

Glow & Go Set
Mandy Finesilver
Glow and go set

I do like the products and their versatility. Great idea developing a range for older women. Sometimes I just want a quick make up and this does the job, however I find it a bit greasy and shiny on my skin. Any tips?

Glow & Go Set
Debbie Huckerby
Beautiful products

Excellent creamy products. They don’t seem to last on me even with lots of prep beforehand but with a touch up during the day it looks good again

Glow & Go Set
Bernice Evans
Love the multi use items

It is great using the glow and go sticks. So simple to use and with a bit of mascara make up is done.

Glow & Go Set
Sus Bolton

So easy to use, and the colours are divine. My go too 100%. I don't usually wear makeup except little mascara. Now I'm glowing without looking like I have makeup on... Thank you a million times!!!!

Pleasing results

My make up bag was full of the wrong kind of make up with powder eye shadow, a foundation that I didn't like and shimmery finishes that did nothing for the lines on my face. I decided to try the three glow sticks and after a few attempts I am really pleased at the subtle effect. My skin also feels more moisturised. If you're not sure about trying something different I would say give it a go as you are promised a refund if not happy. I am turned 70 by the way, not exactly 50+.

Glow & Go Set
Linda Power
Pleasantly Surprised

I am delighted with the Glow & Go set. Although I had watched some of the videos I was pleasantly surprised with my 'new look'. Less is definitely more. Love it ❤️

Glow & Go Set
Catherine Wilcock
So far so good

I’m pleased with my recent purchase and am enjoying trying them out ,slight concern of a waxy type smell but it’s ok at moment . They need to be kept cooler I find and apply better if they are so . I like the shimmery one best so far looks nice on my eyes 😊

Glow & Go Set
Jean Tait
Pie Heaven

Easy to use.

Subtle and flattering

I have always worn foundation and powder as a base so going without needed a complete mindset change. There was no need though as using a combination of the three sticks is easy and gives a natural subtle glow to face, eyes and lips- I'm converted thank you!

Glow & Go Set
Kathy Forsyth
KF . 59

I hardly ever wear make up, but bought the trio recently and tried it. Wow! What great products. Me and my 14 yo daughter were very impressed!

Glow & Go Set
SANDRA Bennett

A wonderful product worth every penny. Such a natural and fresh finish so glad I took the chance and bought it

The Essentials
Fiona Reilly
It’s lovely!

It’s very easy to use, feels good on my skin and absorbs perfectly leaving clean, soft skin.

Glow & Go Set
Pat Watts
Easy and quick to apply

I love these glo sticks, they are easy to apply and blend and don’t feel like I have trowelled it on! Such a lovely natural finish and colours really do go with any skin tone. Thank you

Glow & Go Set
L Sloan
Arrived promptly and looks good but not used it yet.

Haven’t tried it yet. Bought for wedding next year and don’t want it to go out of date because I open it too soon. Not clear how long it lasts as it’s not on the packaging?

The Essentials
Sandra Speak
Feel so good

Beautiful light make up that certainly gives a lovely glow to my skin but feels like I’m not wearing any.

Glow & Go Set
Karen MacLeod
Lovely makeup

Lovely makeup set.
I use it over my foundation.
Easy to apply, very natural finish.