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Tips for Supporting Our Bodies as we Age

Many of us have experienced or at least know that age tends to make our bodies work differently during the later stages in life, and although aging is inevitable, some find it difficult to come to terms with.


Being proactive may help us when dealing with these changes and ensuring we’re doing everything we can to stay healthy, mentally and physically, so here are some tips:


  1. Be kind to your skin

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and therefore should be treated with care. Using gentle products on your skin that are fragrance-free and designed for sensitive skin are a must. It’s also important that you hydrate, moisturise and protect your skin on a daily basis.

  • Hydrating your skin means drinking plenty of water to give your skin the hydration it needs from the inside out.
  • Moisturise with a high-quality, all natural and fragrance-free moisturiser such as the Multitasker – it’s an all-in-one serum, night cream and day cream.
  • Protecting your skin by using an SPF on your face, neck and ears is very important for skin of all ages but more so at a later stage as the skin tends to become thinner.


  1. Mental Health Matters

Looking after your mental health goes a long way in living and aging well. It’s important to embrace and accept aging in order to look after your mental space during this transition. Part of this means enjoying activities that fuel your happiness which includes spending time with friends and loved ones. Meaningful relationships and social interactions improve both mental and physical well-being. With this being said, we should never underestimate the positive affects our furry friends have on our stress and moods.


  1. Lower your stress

Taking time for self-care every day is a great way to reduce the effects of stress on your body. This can be anything that makes you feel the most relaxed and happy such as meditation, exercise, doing something creative, literally anything! With this comes self-care - do something for yourself! Self-care can be anything that you do for you like an afternoon nap, a bath, spa day or lunch with a friend.


  1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best things for your body as a whole – it lowers stress, improves sleep, skin and bone health as well as your moods! This doesn’t always have to be intense exercise, it can even be a walk or maybe some yoga, but it’s important to get your body moving.


  1. Breathe

Acknowledge that any feelings you may be feeling are completely normal. We know this transition may not be easy and everyone experiences it different, but always know that you’re not alone! AND remember, this next phase of your life may be the best yet!